Saturday, September 28, 2019

Cowboy Song- The Authorised biography of Phil Lynott by Graeme Thomson.

I have never ready any books about Thin Lizzy before and this had very good reviews so I decided to pick it up. I will say straight away that this is an excellent book but a very sad story as well. It is a very honest account of a very talented man’s inability to escape the destructive path of hard drugs.   Anyway, it is not really about Thin Lizzy. The book goes into some depth about some of the records but it is really about Phil; his songs, his lyrics-poetry, his family, life and drug problems. 

The book is basically chronological and takes you from his earliest days as a child growing up black in nearly completely white Ireland!  He never gave a fuck though and thought of himself as being Irish and was really into it as well, the history, the life, everything..   I learned a lot about both Phil and Thin Lizzy and also how terrible it can be when you don’t seek help for your drug addictions and it eventually kills you. I am still surprised that none of the management, band, friends ever forced him to seek professional help. He was a tough guy but no one wanted to stand up and help him until it was too late and he was dying.  Great book but you might cry as it was a sad and tragic end for this great rock and roller..

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