Tuesday, June 18, 2019

NUKLI- There is another Way (Self Released)

Nukil is a band I have followed since the 80s and had some of the old cassette tapes via my tape trading network (one original, Psy Nukli).  The band has been playing around the festival scene in the UK forever it seems but this is only their 2nd ever proper CD release. This material was recorded at the Foel Studios in Wales back in 2012, so they took their time to get this finished and released but it is well worth it. This will go down as one of my fave records this year for sure.  The CD features 11 mostly long tracks with a really great positive message. They also mix in some interesting samples between tracks.. Overall, the tracks just flow like good aged wine, with some nice solid bass and drum grooves over which Kev plays some fantastic and cool guitar with a  nice use of effects pedals at times and he also plays some keys on a few tracks and they mix in some spacey sounds here and there as well.  Just a great album that I have enjoyed so much. Thanks to Kev for sending me a copy. You can support the band and pick one up at the link below..

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