Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Crazy Left Experience-Death, Destruction and Magic (Adansonia Records AR023)

This is a really cool new instrumental Portuguese band. This album was recorded live in the studio in 2017. The album features 4 jams, the 4 words of the title of the LP. The band is a trio of Rui, Luís and Tiago. Death starts things off with a slow building jam with some nice guitar with a bit of delay on it as Rui (drums) and Tiago keep the groove slow and steady and let Luís go for it on the guitar. This jam goes for about 8mins and then Destruction takes us for a ride for the next 15! This track features more guitar exploration and less straight up acid space rock soloing.  Some of it is very spaced out and exploratory music towards the end of the track that fades out. Side B starts with AND. IT starts off quite slowly with some nice bass lines, a bit of delays, a quiet slow building guitar and very dreamy. Magic takes the previous jam and brings in some really nice, almost bluesy spacey guitar, which drives the rest of the track.  Nice…

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