Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Mirror Queen- Inviolate CD single (Tee Pee Records)

In support of their European tour, the band recorded a new song and a cover song and Kenny was giving these away to some special friends and I happen to get one (Tak!!). The title track (See video below) starts things off with a solo, a thumping bass line and a relaxed vocal to start. The music builds up nicely as the vocal also becomes more powerful. Nice harmony guitars and a bit of Thin Lizzy vibe.  How cool for the band to choose to cover, This is your Song from the Fly to the Rainbow album by the Scorpions. So how do they manage? Musically they perform it a bit too close to the original with the same tempo and nearly the same guitar solo as well. Vocally, I have to say, it is quite difficult to compare to Klaus Meine.  Good choice of tracks to cover but not even close to as good as the original.  Rather than just do an exact copy, they should have tried to make it their own some how.

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