Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Lime Eyelid- Week of Wonders (Private Press)

Lime Eyelid is an experimental project from Josh Schultz (Travelling Circle drummer) using old school 4 track tape technology and strange old synths like the Realistic Moog Concert Mate MG-1, a light theremin, tape delays, Vox repeat Percussion, etc… This LP is pressed in only 110 copies and features 3 tracks per side. 1 starts things off with some drums, eerie keyboards. This track reminds me a bit of tracks by Aron (Black Beacon). I Saw Waves is a track that goes in waves and features some singing. Reminds me of a very slow and stoned Velvet Underground. 3, is next and the last on side A. IT features a sort of bass line (Synth?), some drum sounds and a slow build with the main line played by the synth. The music again has this dark and mysterious vibe like you are going down a long dark tunnel. The same theme is repeated over and over with some slight variations and a few extra sounds and cymbals thrown in along the way. Side B starts off with 4. A high pitched sound from the Theremin over a drone synth that slowly wavers. Later, some horn or voice like sounds enter in and counter the synth line.  Interesting experiment in sound with some tape effects at the end. 5 features a more thin sounding drum and guitar. Some strange synth and other sounds compliment the main theme hammered out. Dark Psych. 6 is the final track on this interesting musical journey. It starts with a happy Casio like keyboard sound with a bit of drums thrown in from time to time. Something you might hear at a carnival, very old one. Always cool to hear an album like this where someone makes the music they hear inside their head with no boundaries and lets us hear it! Contact Josh for a copy...

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