Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Organik- S/T (Self Released)

Organik are a Danish trio featuring Per Brems-Therkelsen on guitars (also making a lot of synth like sounds with effects pedals), Brian Bentzen on bass guitar and Stephan Green on drums/percussion. Not sure who plays the keyboards and synths. The spoken words on Caged and are performed by a famous Danish rapper, MC Einar. Black Desert (See video below) starts things off with some wind, didgeridoo (played by Michael Marienlund) and then main track begins with a sort of riff that reminds me a lot of Glowsun (French stoner rock band). A cool floating track with some nice spacey guitars in the middle section. It gets really heavy and metallic at the end as it builds up. Amazing instrumental track! Caged features MC Einar. This one starts very slow and moody with some nice clean guitar and bass lines before the keyboards/hand drums float in and the vocals start and he tells a story of a trip gone wrong. A very different but great song with great melody and feeling.  Collective has a similar melodic theme until the doom guitar riff kicks in and the mood changes and a heavy metal riff rocker sets in and the tempo picks up. This is the heaviest track on the record.  The end section features some nice wah guitar and wah bass. I like the slide guitar section over the wah bass and spacey background. Great song. Liquid Embrace starts with a keyboard, eerie like organ (played by Valdemar) as the drums and bass kick in. After a minute or so, the mood and track changes quite a lot as the organ theme comes in and Per sort of follows this on the guitar and then heads off into his own solo as the organ drops out. The track continues with a very beautiful theme for a while before building up again into another guitar solo section. This is a very long track with a lot of sections and changes but they always keep it interesting. Soul Manure is the last track and starts with a droning synth and then a great bass line comes in, a small vocal utterance, then some spacey sounds as the drums come in and the track starts to build and at three minutes we are into a full space rock mode and in full flight! The Hermit is the last track and starts with some reverby guitar and then goes into a full on Kyuss like stoner rock groove with a riff from Iron Maiden as well.  Lots of cool changes in this hard rocking number. A damn good and varied album. I really hope these guys can find a great label to release this one on. Highly recommended.

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