Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Hazytones (Oak Island Records OIR6)

The Hazytones are a band from Montreal, Canada playing rock and roll with a dark edge. The band is lead by bass player Frederic, who also recorded and mixed the record. The CD/LP features 9 tracks in a bit under 40mins and starts off with Light of the Day.  This is a mid paced track with a good groove, melody and some nice changes. Great guitar riff. Guitarist and singer, Mick, reminds me a lot of Gabriel from Black Rainbows at times. Fool’s Paradise kicks things into high gear with a faster pace. This track reminds me a bit of Beastmaker! A darker riff and a bit doomy when it slows down and be careful what you wish for (sounds a bit like James Hetfield!). The layered vocals and melodies really good but I wish there was a longer guitar solo.  Free from your Spell has a really cool guitar solo with a nice effect and a more occultish feel to it. Marked by the Devil is another mid-paced with a vocal that reminds me of James Hetfield. The music is not really like Metallica at all though. A very moody track, dark and foreboding but not doom. Children of the Universe is a 4 min track with a great hook. Day of the Dead starts slowly with and a totally different style of vocal to start, mixed a bit back in the mix, as the drums are more in the front to start until the main heavy riff kicks in at 1min. It goes back and forth from light to dark and contains some interesting lyrics. Kill to Survive speeds things up and really rocks out with a longer and melodic guitar solo. One of the few long ones.  Living on the Edge is one of the slowest tracks and sounds a bit like a dark Alice Cooper track (see official video below).  Moonstuck ends the record and has a bit more of a stoner rock flavor on this excellent track.  If you are fans of Black Rainbows, Beastmaker, Uncle Acid you will quite like these guys.  Great energy and some excellent songs.

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