Thursday, April 12, 2018

Snowchild- Age of Change (Bilocation Records ARTIFACT39)

Snowchild is a new trio from Witchta, Kansas (home of Manilla Road!). The liner notes tell an interesting story about the 2 year journey they took to create these 4 long tracks heavily inspired by Black Sabbath with Ozzy like vocals (sHeavy, Count Raven). The CD starts off with the title track, Age of Change. This is a long track and reminds me a lot of a more jammed out Count Raven. I like the guitar section that starts around 6mins with some cool double tracked guitar. Very Sabbath like but they do it in their own way. Sounds like a space ship is starting to land around 7mins as the track build up again. Born in Flames is a much more uptempo nearly 10min rocker. Kings of Koch slows things down and starts off with a bass solo (remember NIB ) before the slow heavy riff and intense vocal kicks in. Boudica really reminds me of Pink Floyd, to start with some spacey sounds and the heavy riff. Some nice synths and organ to change things up a bit. What a great slow build on this one. It really kicks in about 3mins with the vocal and doom. This has a great evolution and I love the heavy wah stuff at the end as this track is nearly 15mins long. What a great record.. This is a record for really cranking up LOUD.

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