Thursday, April 12, 2018

Sons of a new Soma- Live at the Green Mushroom Festival (Tonzonen Records TONCD038)

I am a big fan of this duo and I had no idea they even played live but they do.  At this festival they were joined by a drummer (Armin) and this allowed the band to explore a more space rock type trip. The CD is about 40mins long and 5 tracks, all of new material, starting off with Schein (14mins).  This is a very spacey slow growing track with some words spoken to the audience but drifting synths and some simple spacey guitar before the synths become more complex and layered and then the drums kick in about five minutes and quite dominates the sound mix. Very dreamy guitar and around 10mins a Theremin like sound comes in nd out for a while as thy search for it to all come together. They appear to almost stop the track and the drums stop and then start again for a few mins. Om Namah, has a more ominous feeling to it to start but at 4 ½ mins a heavy guitar kicks in and this briefly changes the vide and dynamic a lot. Towards the end there is a spoken word sample and then the guitar and synths get quite intense. Weinende Eidechjen starts slowly with some layers of synths and drums and a quite simple guitar line.  At about 6 mins the track picks up but drops off again after only 1 mins and the main guitar line continues. Projectionen is a quite short track unde 5mins and very synth driven with no drums. Henriette Mutterkorn is the last track. This one has a groovy bass line and more driving drums. The synths are still quite floating and drifting. The guitar reminds me a bit of Pink Floyd at times. Great way to end the show.  I really wish there was a cool movie or visuals to accompany this release. Was it filmed???  Nice release. I might have to try to get the vinyl!

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