Thursday, April 12, 2018

MOUTH- Floating (Tonzonen Records TON037CD)

Mouth is a 3 piece German band and a bit different from other groups released on this great label. The album features 8 songs, of which 3 are instrumentals and was recorded between 2012-2015. Floating (reprise) starts things off with an organ based track with a bit of complimenting sitar and a bit of singing. This was apparently the hidden track on the last album and now a bridge to this new one. Madbeth is a short 2.5min more rocking track with a sort of in your face vocal and strange dissonance to it. (hear it below).

 Homagotomago is an instrumental tribute to CAN and starts slowly and hypnotically with some cool guitar as the track evolves of the 9mins. I wish it had changed a bit more though as the guitar line is only a small varation on the same sound throughout. The drums do get more and more intense. Reversed is a more organ driven track again with a highly pressed vocal. It is an interesting style but the use of the backing vocals was very cool in another strange track. Sunrise is another longer instrumental track with a steady drum and organ to start and then the guitar line kicks in and takes the lead. There are two guitars on this track. One of my fave tracks on the record. Distance is more organ driven but kicks into an almost like Swedish inspired prog part later and vocals you might find on a YES record. Did not expect this. Check out the video. 

O.T.B. Field is a cool track with a nice wah guitar workout in this more uptempo track. Sunset is another instrumental and ends this quite diverse collection of songs. Not sure what to think if this band actually… Check em out for yourself. It is released on vinyl in 500 copies (blue and green) and 1000 digipacks CDs.

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