Sunday, August 20, 2017

WIGHT- Atlas 7” (H42 Records H42-044)

I really loved the last Wight album (the Funk record!!) and what a new direction the band had taken.  I was not sure if this was going to be along those lines or back to their stoner rock roots.  This 7” features two versions of the track Atlas, one is a different mix by Daniel Stenger. The track was recorded live in the studio in Jan 2017. Side A, this version is a keyboard driven sort of dark ballad with powerful vocals. No real solos or instrumental breaks. Flip it over for something totally different. Daniel has stripped the track down to just bass, drums (and percussion) and vocals (no keyboards until later when there is a cool organ solo) and made this into a real like 70s soul number. Wow…  did not see that coming at all but that was damn cool. Side A plays on 33rpm while side B is 45rpm.. Just be aware. Made in 250 copies in 4 different colours.

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