Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Liquid Orbit is a new German band lead by Anders (former Mandragora Lightshow Society organ-synth player) and some younger folks, including a talented female vocalist (Syliva). The album features 5 songs in about 40mins and starts off with Time Machine.  This is an uptempo organ driven rock track with a hypnotic bass line. The tracks gets a bit mellow and the vocals become very high pitched and then they come out of the interlude rocking again. A cool jammed out track. Lost (hear and see video below) starts off with a lot of spacey noises and testing the ground before the drums kick in and the slow spacey journey starts with a nice Pink Floyd like keyboard. The vocals are sung in a very high register and really were not too my liking at times but the music is really nice. Everyday Life Depression reminds a long guitar solo and me a lot of Mandragora Light show society, the way the keyboards are played and the bass groove. Foul Deeds is quite similar to the grooves of the other track and features a Robby kreiger like guitar solo and some great organ playing and interplay between Anders and Andree.  Hope for a new Summer starts off  like Lost with some nice synth sequences and a slow build. This is probably the track with the most heavy guitar sound. The track has many moods including a return of the very high register vocal. A pretty cool debut record..

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