Sunday, August 27, 2017

Ash Magna- Sun’s Bold Arc (Private Release, UK 2017)

Ash Magna is a spaced out side project of Vince Cory (Alan Davey, Red Elektra, Sonic Shamen and others..).  Vince sent me one or two other CD-Rs of this project and it is all pretty cool. This one is more advanced in the layers of sound and there are more people involed. Chris Meinhardt (Oglala overtone, bells) has been on another of the releases. Daneel Olivaw adds some synths, sound FX and Dan Schott provides the loops and beats. The first track, Neon Krishna f.m., is an uptempo electronic driven track with some nice melodies and it is very spacey. Veda is a drifting space track with no rhythms, just spacey drones, very airy, flight, fresh..  Desert Dancer features some electronic tabla like drums as it slowly takes form with some nice guitar and bells, etc… some cool layers in this track as it gets going. Very spaced out with some nice female vocals sung in a sort of mid-eastern vibe. Djong starts very spacey with some delay guitars and floating space synths and drones. Vince plays a really cool guitar solo on this track.  This is a very long track. Voyager starts with some guitar, drones and spacey sounds but a very nice melodic thread but very short. Mandala ends the CD and starts with some acoustic guitar. I really enjoyed this one a lot… 
 Voyager  (video of one of the tracks from the album)

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