Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Richard Orlando has continued to delve into the immense AP archive and dig up unheard sessions. This one is material recorded between 2001 and 2003. The CD features 9 tracks in over 70mins. It starts off with a track called Areoformation, which is very spaced out electronics. 1001 Venusian Nights you get to hear Doug play flute, which he did very well. Beachland Boogie is a bass driven track with flute and spaced out electronics. This track features some guitar and drums as well. Very typical AP for this time period. Phase/Transition features some very cool guitar to start and this one is really spaced out but quite short. L’Esprit de Sun Ra, Well that says it all and this is intense and wild. Baisley Park Blues is a space trip with some intense moments. Starts very bass driven but then goes out to the unknown with some intense synths and later Richard kicks in with that guitar sound that is just his.. Penatrates the brain!! Wow…. Dangerous if played loud. Opus del Sol again features a sort of interstellar synth and guitar space battle. It does mellow out though. Cool Stuff.  Orbital Mirrors cranks up the volume and is 25% louder than any of the previous tracks, so watch your volume. Some super cool layers of synths on this one.  Head stuff… Return to Blue Mars ends this trip… Keep finding the gems, Richard…. Wow…

Contact Evan Walker for copies.

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