Sunday, August 27, 2017

Kungens Män- Dag Natt (Kungens Ljud &Bild KLBCD006)

Kungens Män is based in Stockholm and have been pretty active with releases the past few years and have played some shows outside of Stockholm as well.  This is another self released double CD. It is also available as a limited double LP. The band has also released material on other labels but this is the 6th on their own label.  IT features one CD (Dag= Day) and the song titles relate to the day and the 2nd CD (Natt= Night), relate to Night time.  Mogenrodnad (13mins) starts things off with a slow growing start with saxophone, effected vocals and some guitar. Dag is a more uptempo track with a repeated guitar line and steady groove and after about 4mins a very nice guitar solo. Samtidigt is more floating and spacey. The electronics-keyboards are all mixed pretty low on this release but you can hear, feel, sense it more on this track at the beginning. It has a sort of mysterious feeling to the guitar lines, like something strange might happen. Aftonstärnan ends this first CD (or LP).  Another more repetitive piece to start but you really get sucked into this one as it breaks the 13min mark. There are 7 guys listed as playing on the record but on this first CD it is mostly just two guitars, bass, drums (sax on the 1st track) and some electronics here and there but mixed very low.

Natt starts off with Natt and the return of the saxophone. This track is a bit boring not enough is going on really. Track two has the heaviest guitar on the record (the only really heavy intense guitar), while the 2nd guitar plays some very similar melodic stuff as he has on many of the tracks. This is a dark one and one of my faves on the 2LP set.  Ett Tappat Perspiktir has a darker feel to it, a bit menacing at times. A few more wild and spacey sounds appear in this one.  This track is the most psychedelic one on the album and you can really get lost in space. Cool stuff. Mara is a short 3min track and very spacey with an distorted drum, delay guitars, effected vocals. Vargtimimen again brings  more dark theme to the evening. Cirklen är Slut (the circle is closed) ends your 90mins of fun with Kungens Man!

If you are lucky, there is an amazing 2LP version with one white vinyl LP and one black made in only 150 copies. It also has a cool silk screen, some stickers and other stuff as well. Very nice package.

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