Sunday, August 27, 2017

PAPIR- V (Stickman Records Psychobabble 092)

The all instrumental rock trio from Copenhagen are back with their 5th studio album and this time it is a double LP or CD.  I have been friends with the band since nearly the beginning and reviewed nearly all their records.  I had spoken with the band a lot about this record. It took a long time to come out compared to when it was recorded but it is here now! The band brought in John McIntire (Tortoise) to mix the record over in the USA.  The album features 7 long tracks (the shortest is 9mins) spread over about 90mins). As is quite common with the band, there are no song titles, just V.1, V.II, V.III, etc. Track V.I starts off with a mid-pace, a nice clean drum and bass sound, while Nicklas layers in with some very floating guitar.  Later, he overdubs a lead guitar, every beautiful and melodic solo as the track builds in intensity. Some really cool delay guitars and some that sounds like keyboards at times. Cool track. V.II (one they used to call Acid Rock). IT starts off quite dreamy but Christoffer slowly drives the rhythm a bit faster and about 3 mins the track really takes off. At 6.2 mins Nicklas switches from the dreamy guitar to a more hard rock riff and just rips it up on the guitar.  Amazing bass playing in this section as well by Christian. The track comes down after about a min or so to sort of where it started. Some keyboards also appear (not sure how plays them?) to compliment the guitar lines. It ends in a very dreamy and beautiful way.  The live versions of this song are much more intense these days. V.III features some really cool interplay between the bass and guitar lines. I love the way they compliment each other as the track slowly builds again. A very lush sound with keyboard like guitars at times. Post rock is not a word I would have mentioned with Papir in the past but this track is a prime example of the genre, done Papir style. V.IV ends the first CD with a 15min track. It starts much like the others but the underlying keyboard sequence plays a bigger role at the start of this track. Nicklas plays some really cool guitar solos on this track. Sometimes a bit jazzy, some David Gilmour like stuff and then just some great lead runs.  V.V starts off quite slow and a spacey with some nice delay guitar. It maintains this relaxed vibe throughout the track. V.VI has a bit of a drone at the start and slowly builds with some really cool guitar and again some keyboards (very airy).  It later builds up to a more rocking state with some really cool wah bass playing. V.VII is 25mins long and ends the record. IT starts slowly and very relaxed.  I love the section between 10-12 mins with the intense delays, swirling organ like keyboard. The track nearly dies completely but then steps forward again to continue in much the way it started.

This is a pretty amazing record and a bit more laid back and spacey with super cool guitar, bass and drums.  They just have magic these guys. Each track is it’s own individual journey. Hope you enjoyed the trip..

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