Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Honey Pot- Ascending Scales (Fruits de Mer Records WINKLE 25)

I was not familiar with this UK band before this amazing double CD-R released. They released another record on this label back in 2008, so it was well overdue but well worth the weight.  A worthy release for FDM 100th release! It features a lot of very cool musicians (from the 60s and the current scene) performing a mix of cover songs and original Honey Pot songs, some new and some re-recorded versions. I love the opening track called 1969 featuring James Lowe from the Electric Prunes.  Solomon Deep features Dick Taylor from The Pretty Things. Loveis Green features Jack Ellister, Dr Crippen’s Waiting Room features Anton Barbeau), Can’t you see the Witch (with Cary Grace), Half a Memory (with Peter and Tom from July) and Sitting all Alone features Judy Dyble and Us and Them. Only I’ve been so Tired on the first CD has no guests.

The 2nd CD features the almighty Nick Salomon and Ade Shaw on a track called Time Machine. Lucky Spaceman features Gregory Curvey from The Luck of eden Hall, Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow, Into the Deep with Bruce Wolley from the Buggles and finally River Runs by with Tony Durant from Fuchsia. The track America, Icarus takes on his own with the band.. I have been spinning these discs a lot lately and really am impressed. A great release.

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