Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Megaritual- Mantra Music (White Dwarf WHD006)

Megaritual is the solo project of Australian multi-instrumentalist Dale Walker (from the band of Sun Of Man).  I have never heard of Dale or his band Sun of Man. The album features 8 tracks and is a sort of compilation of several of the tracks from his different band camp releases. Dale played all the instruments as he is credited for everything including the artwork.  Is the heart of the Mystery starts things off and I am immediately reminded of Lamp of the Universe. A very mystic, sound, with drones, sitar, different kinds of drum sounds.  After a few mins, the drum set kicks in and Dale does some vocal chants, while the rest continues in the background as a sort of loop. Later a more doomy guitar kicks in and the previous recorded stuff is off and now it is heavy guitar, drums and vocals, primarily.  Just as he starts to slow, it all sort of fades away and back into the sitar, eastern vibe again and then the heavy guitars and soloing is back again!  A new section now begins as all the tracks so far just sort of melt into each other. Now the heavy riffs are combined with some strummed acoustic guitar. The drums have nearly disappeared in the sound. A more dense sounds returns with the electric guitar being heavier but the strummed guitar is still in the forefront of the sound as the drums are nearly gone again.  Pretty psychedelic as it all fades down to use a vocal and acoustic guitar for the ending but comes back again. A very cool musical collage.  Side B continues in much the same way with some dark eastern stuff but a new drone and extra delays. This track becomes really heavy doomy stuff with some lead guitar in the background during the heavy riffing after the first vocal section. It comes back down to earth after a few mins. The mid section is really cool. I love the psyched out guitar and hypnotic stoned eastern vibe. After the comedown, we are still focused on the guitar. Wow.. side 2 was quite an amazing trip…….. I look forward to hear more.

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