Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Narcosatanicos- Body Cults (Bad Afro Records AFROLP051)

Narcosatanicos is a young 6 piece Danish band playing quite dark psych noise rock from Århus. This is the bands 3rd release and a bit of a surprise to have it on the garage rock label, Bad Afro but cool.. The promo sheet describes it as a sonic mind fuck fueled by bad acid, paranoia and distortion.. Far out.. Well, yes it is… The album features 7 tracks between 4 and 9mins and length and starts off with the heavy Vulvic Church. Heavy doom rock, interspersed with a bit of Nik Turner like saxophone and psyched out guitar. The drums are very thrashy and noisy in the mix. Far out….  Vile is a bit more punk, think a heavy psych version of Inner City Unit! Check out the video below. Mania lowers the intensity slightly at the start but the mania and sonic assault continues. The vocals on this track and all the others are mixed really low so you can really not make out what he sings or screams unless you really listen hard. It is more for sonic overload. Television Dreams is more hypnotic and has this spaced out repeated section that you can really get lost in.  Matamoro, an instrumental track, really slows things down with the focus on the long saxophone solo while the rest of the 2 guitars, violin, just space out and make trippy stuff over the slow bass and drum rhythm. At 5mins a heavy riff kicks in and they go totally mad and psyched out at the end.. Intense. Void Kink brings back the darkness and vocals. Bliss ends the bad trip with a crazy sax driven madness but this drops down at 2mins and a cool bass and drum groove kicks in and some nice panned instruments fly back and forth across the sound scape. It builds up in a crazy way… If you dig bands like Domovoyd, Dark Buddha Rising, … please give this Danish act a listen..

This is for sure the bands first masterpiece and a hell of a dark trip if you are stoned. Wow……

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