Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Space Invaders- Ayakashi (Nasoni Records 179CD)

Space Invaders are back with their 4th or 5th album and what a cool record this one is! The band is still a five piece with two guitars, synth, bass and drums. This record features 5 tracks in 50mins (jams) starting off with Timeframes which has a great groove and some nice guitar work and splashes of noises, synths, phased guitar as it slowly takes shape. It somehow peaks around 7 mins and the synths become a bit more dominant as it glides down to a spaced out ending. Darkstar (not the Grateful Dead song) continues out of the end of the previous track and is very spacey. Mike uses the talk box and this sounds really cool.  At mins they try out a heavier guitar riff but this soon turns bluesy and there is some great guitar playing! A trippy song. The whole side was recorded live at WMF in 2015. Keeper of the Spice is next and starts slow and spacey with a cool build up that very slowly creeps up on you the drummer and bass player slowly raise the pace in a very steady, even stoned flow. The dreamy guitars intertwine, weave, dip, fly and glide.  At 20mins the drums stop and the guitars finish the piece and you hear the audience. Track 4 on the CD is just 2mins of silence (Strange?) and then Ayakashi starts. This is a slow bluesy track to start and stay pretty relaxed. A sort of strange way to end the album after the mind blowing track before. These were both recorded live in Soest.  If you like stuff like Oresund Space Collective, 3rd Ear Experience, old Zone Six, you will also dig these guys.

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