Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Baby Woodrose- Freedom (Bad Afro Records AFROLP050)

Baby Woodrose is back with their 7th studio album and the first one in 4 years. Lorenzo has been busy with Spids Nøgenhat but now that has been put on hiatus, he could focus on BW again.  I have been friends with and known the band since the very beginning and I am really glad to be blown away by this new album.  I think this is the kind of more stoner heavy rock record that Ralph had always hoped they would make and the lyrics are awesome. Reality starts things off with a really heavy stoner psych rocker with some great guitar solos at the end. 21st Century Slave is a more relaxed hypnotic track with acoustic guitars and potent lyrics. See the great video below with Lorenzo cruising the Copenhagen Metro. Open Doors is very 60s inspired with this farfisa driven track, that sounds a lot like older tracks by the band, especially the way the vocal rhythm, backing vocals are delivered. Still a great retro track.  Mind Control Machine has a heavier sound and some cool double tracked eastern inspired psych guitar. Peace is a wonderful acoustic track and Lorenzo’s vocals are fantastic. Freedom, a song made most famous by Richie Havens, is totally reworked here but a fucking great version. It was super cool when I saw them play it live! Red the Signpost is a short hard rocking and psychedelic track with some cool spaced out sounds and great guitars. Mantra reminds me of On Trial, Lorenzo’s old band. Termination is the highlight of the record, with a monster nearly 10min jam track. Wow…  This is the 3rd time I have heard the record and it will be one of my faves this year. Great work guys….. Lorenzo, Anders, Hans, Mads, and Kåre!

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