Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Blood on Wheels- II It’s all a Lie (Crispin Glover Records ROCK3CGR059)

Blood on the Wheels from Trondheim is back with another rocking album with a lot of attitude! There is a limited edition of 100 with a cool silk screen sleeve and red vinyl. The album also comes with a CD. The LP opens with Lie to You (See video below), a straight up rock and roll number! I’m your Man injects a bit more attitude and the riff reminded me of Sweet but then it changes and is a bit more like Pearl Jam! Eager to Please is another rocker with a hard rock riff and some piano (no one is credited though). Straight up rock and roll and yes some lead guitar! Me & You is a slower track but not a ballad as it still has a hard punching riff but still a sort of single. Fire and barbed wire is a really catchy song. Flip the record over and you start off with Lost Soul City (Trondheim??) is a bit different but I really like this melodic but still hard driving track. The vocals are a bit more laid back but it still rocks out with some nice guitar playing as well. Anyone Else has this Soundgarden feel to it. Morning Song has some really funny lyrics and very rock and roll! Golden Ticket keeps the rock and roll spirit alive. Hell for your Money closes out this album and is one of the most hard rocking almost punky tracks on the record. Overall, a very solid rock and roll album. Crank it up!!

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