Thursday, August 4, 2016

Radio Moscow- Live in California (Alive Naturalsound 0183-2)

The blues rock trio, Radio Moscow are back with their first ever live album. This was recorded in Los Angeles on two nights (Dec 10-11, 2015). I was actually in Hollywood not too far away visiting friends but could not make it. Recorded totally live with no overdubs!  This set is heavy on songs for Brain Cycles and Magical Dirt, with no songs from the debut album and only 1 song from the Great escape of Leslie Magnafuzz. The sound is nice and raw and the band really sound powerful.  Mr. Griggs is rippin’ it up and mixed super loud in the mix, nearly drowning out drums at times. Love the guitar playing on I don’t need Nobody. It is not all full on guitar assault as they bring it down now and then with tracks like 250 miles and Deep Blue Sea. Before it Burns features some electric fire as parker just kills it on the guitar and the backline guys keep it flowing. Awesome guitar on this long 8min track… I don’t think these guys will ever be regarded like Jimi Hendrix due to the lack of variety in the songs but damn, they rock like a mother fucker and Parker plays awesome lead guitar and a nice variety in the way he uses his guitar effects..  Great stuff guys….

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