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Kildemose Festival 2016

This is probably my 7th or 8th Kildemose Festival and still Denmark’s best outdoor festival. Very relaxed on the grounds of the Refvindinge Brewery. Cool festival site, great laid back vibe, excellent beer and great music. Perfect combination. This year was the smallest crowd I can remember for the festival but it was the right people. I am surprised how many of the bands from Denmark, they all love Kildemose and say amazing things about it but if they are not invited they don’t show up to support the festival!!! Can’t be bothered????  This is the best festival in Denmark and always a great weekend. It was so nice to see my friends Anders, Morten, Freddy, Lone, Sabine, Ann-Carin and Anders (from Sweden), Dan, Jan, the Måneskjold guys, and many more.

Sadly, I missed the first day, as I had to pick up the guys from Black Moon Circle who were flying in from Norway on Thursday night. The Thursday had Giobia from Italy as the headline band and people said they were really excellent. I met them the next day and they were really cool people. The Sensational Psycho Poppers, a Diff side project also played. I had seen them at least once or twice at the festival before. Sonic Dawn, Dead Pan Interference, Orcas and Love Coffin all played as well. People said it was a cool evening but many really drunk people late at night.

We had a lot of complications with the rental car, crazy stuff on the highways etc.. but we managed to arrive around 14 after leaving CPH about 11:15… I had hoped to see Gaia but we were too late. While I was setting up my tent, I could hear Late Night Venture play. This was pretty heavy at times.  Skifting was a real surprise. They were supposed to play last year but had to cancel due to the health of one of the guitar players (who actually died this year). I thought the band was no more but Kasper from Måneskjold/CPH Psych fest organizer, was filling in now. They were much more heavy and aggressive punky psych rock with Danish lyrics than I had remembered from seeing them back in 1999! There were not a lot of people about.

Elevatorfører (Elevator Driver) have played the festival many times in the last years and usually have a late nightspot and put on fun shows. This show as a bit different in the late afternoon but I really enjoyed it a lot. The new songs seem to be longer with more solo parts while the band grooves. Some really cool stuff and a great vibe. Someone said they were a bit like the Black Angels, a band I don’t know. People were having fun, the 60 or so that were watching. They had a new album and 12” out but I have not heard them.

De Forbandede (The Cursed) is a totally new Danish band for me. Around this time the Yuri Gagarin guys had arrived and they asked me if I would play with them again. I was not really expected to play with them and their synth guy Robin was there but they convinced me. Anyway, the Cursed, are a 4 piece band with organ, guitar (he also sings), bass and drums. A young band playing melodic hard rock with a edge at times and some cool ripping guitar solos and organ solos. All the songs are sung in Danish. They rocked for sure but did not do much to take me to the next level.

It was now time for some food and this year they had a great Indian place called Paprika, a Peruvian food van and the people making pancakes were back as well.

Turquoise Sun (used to be Ancient Monument) played the 1st CPH Psych fest and I had not seen them since. They have grown and it was a really mixed set for me. Sometimes it was just too mainstream rock music a bit to slick and commercial orienting vocals but then they do weird and strange stuff and have intense solos and lots of great ideas. I really loved some of it and really didn’t like some of it. Hum???

Turquoise Sun
Spez/Revoltage was Danish hip hop thing with computers, a guy how played trombone, tuba, guitar and 3 or 4 rappers. I think it was totally out of place at the festival but the young people were into it and they had a big crowd. I hung out with the Yuri Gagarin guys a lot. Super cool people.

Yuri Gagarin, some how got people to come out of the forest as it was by far the most people I had seen at the festival so far (still probably only 120..). I was set up on one side and Robin the other synth on the other side. Sound was great on the stage for me but no one except myself and maybe the audience heard anything that I played. Funny….  IT was a super powerful set and at least one or two different songs from what I played with the band in Feb.  People were really into it and we had a lot of fun. Cool guys to play with.

Set List: Cluster, New Order, Zakosmosom, At the Center, Sea of Dust, Psych Disco, Oblivion, Sonic Invasion 2910

Hodja, was a band that I was recommending to the guys in Black Moon Circle. I think I have seen the twice and they were so great both times. They have a black and very good and charismatic singer, drummer and guitar player. They play a mix of intense soul, rock and blues with killer singing and cool powerful music as well. You really can get sucked into it. Just fucking awesome. The BMC guys and myself ended up right in the front by the guitar player. Really captivating…  I wonder what their records are like??? Great live band!

Fribytterdrømme (Pirate Dreams) I had not seen since last year at the festival but they have been having great success with their album, which was one of my faves last year and they played a lot of shows all over Denmark and recently were opening the big stage in Den Grå Hall at the CPH Psych festival. I had been hearing rumors that they had given up drinking before the shows and they were too boring now and not really very exciting. Well, Lau, the leader of the band who sings and plays guitar, was on amazing form and the band were awesome. The sound was not very good for the first 30mins, with way too much bass and drums and a high compressed sound but by the end it was really amazing and all the details of their psychedelic sound were clear. They played two new songs, both of which I thought were pretty good. It was great to hear the long Fribytterdrømen song but it seems shorter tonight.  Fun concert and one of the best of the day. Great band…

Set List: Ørken, 18.09.1986, Himmellegemer, Seer, De Konstruerede, Kosmonauten, Fribytterdrømmen, Fem er det Magiske nummer

 Day 2

I slept until 9 but felt pretty good after a short shower. It began to rain soon after I showered so I just lay in the tent and relax. The BMC guys were staying at a B&B 9km away but I wanted to stay on site.  The music started really early with some band that was not listed as playing already at 10:45. They were great. Three guitars, most instrumental songs but a few with Danish lyrics. Great playing. I wish I had got a picture of them. Tidebound, a duo lead by Dave Müller, he used to go to Roadburn with the Danish crew, and a woman who plays keyboards and flute, etc.. Dave sings and plays guitar. Not sure how many people were watching as there is no shelter near the small stage but I could hear from my tent some people clapping. It was very nice music to start the day off.

Lolou is a new Danish 4 piece band with a female singer, who has one of the voices that sounds like she is 8 years old. She sings well but sounds like a small child. They have two guitars and drums. All the bass and a lot of the music was pre-recorded and they play over it. The singer also occasionally played the keyboard as well. The opening instrumental track was really cool and the best piece they played. They had a few really good build ups but got intense at times but a bit too slick and dreamy post rock like stuff. Sound could have been better, the lead guitar player you could hardly hear him most of the show unless you were right in front of the stage in the middle. Nothing in the PA hardly. They even had their own sound person! 

Do not Settle
Do Not Settle is a band that Jan, the festival organizer’s son plays guitar in. It was pretty standard melodic pop rock stuff. I did not like them but they had their own small following that dug it and were watching them.

Doublestone was next up on the main stage. Really cool guys. Their drummer was insanely drunk the night before but seemed ok today. I was setting up to play with Black Moon Circle so I could only hear but not see them. They are moving a bit away from their stoner rock roots to a more 70s sound, which is cool. Super nice guys..

Black Moon Circle, were lucky that LA Sued were delayed so we were able to play a longer set, I think about 75mins. It was a decent crowd, 50 people I guess and no rain. We started with American Eagle and into Plains. We were all so eager to play and we had a great sound on stage and good interaction with each other and some amazing jams. These two songs were from the first EP we made back in 2013. Next up were 3 tracks from the latest record, Sea of Clouds. The Magnificent Dude, we must have jammed this out to 20mins. I had a long synth section, which was fun. Vemund played some killer guitar. Lunar Rocket is played pretty much like the record and then Warp Speed gets jammed out to nearly 20mins. Phew.. The show flew by but we had a really great response and people come up who wanted to book the band and say how great it was.. tak.. Thanks

Agusa, sort of a Swedish house band were next and I heard most of their set but did not see much of it. Sounded like they played excellent. A lot of their songs begin to sound quite a lot. I really hope that their next album they have some totally new ideas to take what they do to another level as they are great players and have a great chemistry. They just released a new live album recorded in Greece earlier this year. I will review the record shortly.  No idea what the set list was but they generally play nearly the same set most of the time.

Måneskjold (Moon Shield) had to switch places with LA Sued as they were delayed by traffic coming from Hannover (took them 9 hrs in what should have been 4hrs). Anyway, Måneskjold played a really intense show. Going wild in the sand and just having a hell of a good time. They played nearly all of the songs from their Debut album, which they keep promising to give me a copy but never do. I don’t expect to get one and will probably have to buy it. I would give them some press if they did. Anyway, they kicked ass and played two new songs, both uptempo punky psych stuff.. A bit of a one dynamic kick your ass approach to psych space rock but it works for them. In the future they will need some more diverse songs to mix things up.

Polyfeen, a Danish band who I recently saw and reviews from the CPH Psych Festival, played next on the main stage. This band just gets better each time I see them. They were around from 1972-1975 and then about 10 years ago Orpheus Records released their unreleased record on vinyl.  Anyway, they are up and playing again and having a good time. They played good 70s hard rock like Uriah Heep or something with a lot of organ. Singer still sounds excellent. They have a young drummer and also play some new tracks. Great show again. People really liked it as well.

Set List: Leve Livet, Pigen i Skoven, Campingturen, Nattens Nar, Drømmen, Vesterhavet, Kaj, Håvet, Silhouetter

LA Sued was an improvised quartet based in Germany. Chris and Steve were here playing last year as a duo but those were Chris’s songs. This was a lot of cool synths, lap steel, guitar, bass and drums… Really cool stuff and a lot of variety in what they tried to do. They were having a great time and really love this festival. I really enjoyed it.

Grusom, a local Fyn band were next on the main stage and the young people were stoned and drunk by now and ready for some organ driven 70s hard rock with Grusom. The singer is really charismatic and great, despite not having an amazing range but he works with what he has and does a great job. Reminds me of Danzig at times. It was a bit longer set than when I saw them earlier this year but BMC guys and me were up front for the full show and really enjoyed it. I hope they learn to relax a bit more and jam out some of their stuff in the future.  Cool band.

Tales of Murder and Dust was the last band on the small stage. I had only seen a few songs at the CPH Psych Fest last month and did not get the full show like today, where the band really played intense, especially the end. Not sure how to describe this but maybe like a more dark, intense post rock goth rock??? Hum….  They had a core audience right up in their face that was totally into it. The Grusom singer was lying down in the sand in front of the stage at the end!! Blow away…

Papir, closed the festival with a killer 75min set. They were great at the CPH psych fest, where I only saw some of their set but again, the Black Moon Circle guys and I stood in the middle front and just got mesmerized by they great drum, bass and guitar playing of this underrated Danish instrumental rock group. I really love this new song called Acid Rock, which I think was the last one of the set! This was just awesome and a great way to end the festival.

I was back in my tent and some guys played like 3 songs on the main stage, sort of funky rock…. No idea who that was…. I had an amazing time today.

Spoke to Jan, the main organizer as I was leaving today and it seems they will do one more festival next year and then he will leave the helm and maybe some other people will keep it going or maybe it will die. We will see. Would be a pity as it is one of the nicest small festivals in the world with a cool focus on the Danish bands but also a few international ones.

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