Sunday, May 10, 2015

Tuliterä- Tulikaste (Plug Music Production PLUG4)

Tuliterä is a very cool Finnish band. I have been following them for a few years and the two main members stayed at my apartment last year and played me the rough demos for this record and I was pretty impressed but damn, this record really blows me away. It features 9 very intense tracks spread over an hour of instrumental metallic space rock. Percolator starts off with a lot of cool space sounds and some programed drums-percussion and a really beautiful melodic guitar line before the “big bang” and the heavy stuff begins and the super intense like death metal double bass drums just blast you and a very heavy riff kicks in. Wow.. Alpha Blade will remind you of a more metallic version of Farflung. Some great lead guitar on this track that melds together into some really psychedelic stuff. Jagat speeds things up further but here the synths play a stronger role in the sound at first and later the guitars as the space metal rockets forward.. Firedew starts off with a minute long synth part before the heavy guitars, bass and drums kick in. The entire track maintains this very melodic synth for the first part and then a dramatic break takes over at 1½ mins with some really beautiful melodic but spacey lead guitar with nice harmonies. Mindblowing sound on this one and very psychedelic and it ends with the synths the way it began but more dreamy. Cetus starts with a very repetitive part before the lead guitar kicks in and drives the track but it is a short, almost incomplete track that leads into Voidborn, which is primarily keyboard driven to start. It has beautiful guitar harmonies on this slow building track that repeats a lot of the parts but then layers on another synth or guitar so it just gets more psychedelic and includes Jaire on sitar. Star Rodeo kicks up the pace to near speed metal with some intense heavy metal but with the space synthesizers layer in such a way they really penetrate your brain. All Seeing Delierum starts off very heavy and intense and then there is a break at 3mins before the really intense metallic space craft takes off and the track just gets faster and more intense. There is a short very mellow bluesy part with some beautiful guitar after 12mins and then the heavy returns before the track ends at 14mins! Menticide ends the 67min heavy psychedelic space trip. Phew…. If you can sit down and hear this entire album, you are brave, patient and adventurous . Awesome stuff..

          I really dig this band. Check out the record on bandcamp. The Vinyl version will be released later this year on the Space Rock Productions label in a double gatefold in only 300 copies with an extra track. You can buy the CD from the band now though.

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  1. Hey, is tried to order the OSC back patch but the button didnt direct me to paying like with some of the cd's.
    Are they sold out or are there anyone left to buy?
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