Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Acid Elephant- Star Collider (Kiarama Records)

Acid Elephant are a new band for me. This is apparently their third release. The CD features 5 long songs and the band is from Pori, Finland, one of my favourite countries ad the home of CIRCLE. The band is a four piece of guitar, bass, drums and keyboards. They describe themselves on bandcamp as drone stoner rock. Las noches del desierto is the first track and the music is pretty stoned, with a cool smooth groove and vocal. Cool song but I did not hear any keyboards. Red Carpet Lane (10mins) continues in the same vein but the guitar has a slightly heavier tone this time but the same repetitive stoner groove with the smooth style of singing continues. The long spacey mid-section of this track takes things down and there is some nice hand drumming to compliment the guitar lines, with a slight eastern feel and then they build it up at the end with some nice psychedelic double tracked guitar for a short section (wish it was longer). 7th Stone starts off slow, searching, exploring, finding it’s feet, direction as the track slowly takes shape. The drums and percussion change the feel of the song but it stays out there is experimental drone-space land until the end (14mins). Godmason has a far out sounding intro with some effects on the bass and guitar as it slowly drones in. Quite suddenly, you get jolted out of your place when the drums kick into compliment the heavy bass and the guitar line slowly develops. Finally you can actually hear some spacey synth-keyboard sounds for a few small parts as it builds up in intensity and into a super cool track. So far each of the tracks on this record has been quite different from each other, something I really like about this band. BOG is the last track to end, mostly likely your first Acid Elephant, journey.. BOG is another trip unto it’s own, with some buried vocals at the beginning and heavy on the distorted bass… this last track is a far out droney monster…. Sadly, there was some glue or something on the cd so this track was skipping a lot.. Cool trip..

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