Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Basements- I’m Dead (Lost in Tyme Records L.I.T.CD-003)

The Basements are a Greek band that is truly lost in time around 1966-1967 and cannot escape however hard they try! The CD features 12 tracks ranging from under 2mins to just over 5mins with an average of 3½ probably. This is Greeks playing very true to the roots 60s psychedelic garage rock! The look is right, the sound is right and they just are glorious and far out! Wrong starts off quite fast paced and gives you a taste for what is to come. Wise man slows things down and has a harmonica as well and is almost bluesy and pretty stoned. I don’t want you no more is a heavy farfisa organ work out with a bit of fuzzy guitars. Stray Mood is slower track with a nice guitar line. The title track is a very catchy track. Go Away is a lot like Don’t Fade Away, with its guitar rhythm and the way he sings. Hands on Time is a very eerie track with a scary organ to start but then it picks up pace and is pretty cool. This ends this 42min CD of 60s garage rock. While the band doesn’t offer any really new or fresh takes on the genre, they deliver a solid CD of cool tunes. I really enjoyed the record a lot.

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