Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Brother the Wind- Wash my Soul in the stream of Eternity (TransubstansV04)

The totally improvised band, MBTW are back with a nearly double vinyl record (sadly the 4th side is totally blank, what a waste, but this is my only negative comment). The packaging is awesome on the double vinyl edition and the tracks have a great flow and feeling. Side A starts with Fire Fire! A 13 min track with intense drums and bass and guitar feedback and riffing as it pushes forward. There is a video for this on youtube. A beautifully spacey guitar solo is played while the band just pushes forward with a wall of sound. A fantastic jam and the mellotron comes in at the end as well. Pagan Moonbeam is a very short 4 min track that starts with acoustic guitar and it has a bit of an eastern feeling to it and Ronny (bass player) plays some organ as well and Mathias sitar. Side B starts with a shorter, dark mysterious piece also focusing on the mellotron. The title is very long. Torbjörn Abelli is the 11 min show piece of this side and it is very melodic and spacey with great interaction between the two guitar players. Really floating, transport you to another universe stuff. The last side has you break right into a jam in progress where the band is really grooving with some nice guitar leads that then slowly comes down into a floating space section. The title track ends this really excellent 2nd record. It starts with a slowly developing repetitive bass and guitar line that grows. The band has made a very different record from the first, mainly with an extensive use of mellotron, which adds a different element to the two guitar approach. A really nice spacey journey. Fans of Øresund Space Collective, the Spacious Mind and Farflungs earlier material will dig this.

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  1. This album with Papir's Stundum are on my jam top of 2011