Monday, August 9, 2021

Music for Amphibians (Fruits de Mer, friends of the fish promoCD13)


FdM club members get quite a few cool complication CDs each year which often features current FdM label artists or ones that might appear in the future. This CD features 15 artists most of which I am not familiar with at all except Alain Pire, Vert-x and Vibravoid!  

Seven Rivers of Fire- Very nice solo instrumental acoustic guitar track

The Superstars- starts with piano and vocals and then drums and a bit of guitar kick in as the track picks up tempo. Intense piano playing and a unique voice. 

The Hologram People- Dreamy with some acoustic guitar, keyboards. Floating..

Jim Griffin- Some spacey sounds, then the drums and bass groove kick in and synths becomes more intense and layered. At last the guitar.  Laid back space rock..

Silver Vials- The most guitar intense track so far, with a drone feel but off into space we go following that lovely guitar lead…

The Strange Happenings- A bit like Reefus Moons.. Anyway,, a great 60s psych song feel. 

Alain Pire Experience- A bit more rock and roll for you… 

Vibravoid- Wehrhahn Wah Wah a track from the next studio album and more synth based than normal.  Something new in their sound.. Cool..

Jeremy-  This is an uptempo rock and roll track with some really nice guitar. Love the way it cuts through the sound and the synths bubble and girgle in the background. 

Revbjelde- Some quite loud bursts of bass sounds over a synth sequence.  One of the more experimental pieces for sure. 

Magnus Josefsson-  This is a nice melodic guitar driven track with a beautiful melody.  Makes you smile. 

Thought Bubble- A bit of an eastern feel on this psych track. Keeps you on edge…

St Kraut- Hypnotic, strange sound production, mostly guitar driven. 

Vert-X-  After a spaced out start, super intense motorik space rock… as expected..

Palooka 5- This is a track that will surprise the hell out of you. Wow… hard to describe. Unique.

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