Monday, August 9, 2021

Expo 70- Evolution (ESSENCE MUSIC SS030)

Expo 70 is a very prolific group from the mid-west US lead by Justin Wright.
  Some of their albums are released on a Brazilian label what also released Acid Mothers Temple, Spacious Mind, Nadja, Merzbow and many others.   I have only heard a few but I have really dug everything by this band so far.  This CD is complied from jams that took place in 2013 (Tracks 1-2) and 2017 (3-6).  Justin plays the guitars and synths, Aaron Osbourne on bass/percussion and for the 2013 session it was Mike Vera on drums and the later Chris Fugitt.  The CD opens up with Sucking the Chrome of a Tailpipe/Nebula Raga and one of the heaviest things I have ever heard by the band. The opening riff is a real blast back to the Kyuss sound but then they diverge but still keep it heavy.  Later this is some intense double tracked lead guitars that give it quite a psychedelic flavour.  What a great 9 and a half minute track.  The Slow Death of Tomorrow, starts slow and spacey with a low drone and some wind before the saxophone (no one is credited so perhaps it is synth based?) compliments the low drone.  Quite a change….  Chrome Finger tips starts slow and spacey and has a different sound production and is a sort of intro to Echoes of Ether which is a heavy doomy affair. Reminds me a bit of Sleep/Arc of Ascent style riffing until the guitar solo section which is fuzzed out and comes in sort bursts as he returns to the heavy riff every now and again.  Gets more psyched out at the end with some intense drumming. Second Vision, First Sight  is a bit hypnotic to start and much less heavy but that changes as the heavy riff is more in the background and the wah guitar with some delay is more in the front on this mix.  The CD ends with First Vision, Second Sight ends this record in a very heavy way that it started with a very stoney, doom riff fest and some nice soloing on the top..  Cool album and heavier than I had expected…  This is released on CD and vinyl (which has different artwork).  Great album…

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