Sunday, May 2, 2021

DER BLUTHARSCH and the Infinite Church of the Leading Hand- Rejoice (HKR59)

This prolific Austrian psych band are back with another release. They have 41 albums on bandcamp! I quite like these guys and find them very creative and interesting.  This CD features 6 tracks with one main theme- Coming, Fear, Darkness, Darkness+, Rejoice, BURN!!!  First track opens with an almost classical overture like violin, drums and slowly the track develops based on the edgy violin. At 2mins or so the email singer does a like spoken word as the track slowly builds in intensity with the same theme reported over and over and over. Fear has a heavy guitar riff and a more clean one and just a powerful build with some synths and fear raising tension as it grows over the 5 minutes. At 2.5 minutes the female vocal comes in and speaks of fear and pain. Some really cool guitar work. Darkness features some nice organ, slide guitar, whispered vocals, and a sort of spaghetti western like feel and even some flute. It is a strange mixture of instruments but I like it. Darkness+ is next and we return to the original theme that started the record off but with a few modifications and more vocals but the violin theme is quite similar. Rejoice is a more happy track with some flute and an addictive groove. Burn ends the record and also has more of a groove to it and some sort of tribal vibe with a lot of complex layers.. What a cool record. Loved it… 

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