Friday, April 9, 2021

Violet Nox- Whispering Galaxy (Self Released)

Boston psych outfit, the Violet Nox is back with a new album. Shapeshifter starts things off with some electronic beats and a lot of spacey atmosphere. The guitar adds some accents here and there and the vocals float around in the space. Really space stuff, not real keen on the beats though. Hamuea features a female voice and again very spacey with some rapid electronic beats mixed quite low. This one is more melodic and the sounds swirl and pan around. Again, guitar is playing a minor role but adding some cool stuff here and there. Wolf Visitor keeps us deep in space with a more deep bass beat. I could imagine this at some really spaced out art exhibit. Selene is the CD closer and starts with a female voice, drone guitar and synth. A light beat is in the background. This one has a more edgy dark feel to it at times, maybe a bit of 80s Industrial vibe. 

The band is: Dez DeCarlo: guitar, sonic effects, synth (Shapeshifter, Haumea, Wolf Visitor, Selene) lyrics and vocals (Shapeshifter, Wolf Visitor), Andrew Abrahamson: synthesis and clocked machines (all tracks), Alexis Desjardins: field recording manipulation (Shapeshifter, Wolf Visitor), guitar (Wolf Visitor), saxophone (Selene), Fen Rotstein: vocals, turntables, Synth-Traktor, Native Instruments S4 Mk II (Shapeshifter, Haumea, Wolf Visitor), Noell Dorsey: vocals and lyrics (Haumea, Selene) and Karen Zanes: organ/synth (Haumea, Wolf Visitor, Selene), vocals (end of Shapeshifter).  This is released on a limited edition CD. Wish they would send me one…  Cool stuff. 

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