Friday, April 9, 2021

Rob Lawson- The Village under the Moon (Tiny Tapes)

Muti-instrumentalist Rob Lawson is back with yet another dulcimer lead CD. Big difference here is the focus on shorter more concise tracks. 12 tracks in a bit over 30mins.  Opening track has a very nice melody and I like the picking rhythm.  Track 2 is a different dulcimer (He has made many) and the tuning and intonation is a bit different that gives it a more almost eastern feel. Track 3 is something totally different with a repeated loop of voices and a simple rhythm made by hitting something. Short. back to the dulcimer and this track is more of a medieval music harpsichord like sound. Very nice. Loved this one. Nice little backwards effect at the end. Track 5 is a happy one. Track 6 again has some foot stomping or drumming to go along with the dulcimer. Track 7 is more abstract in a way.  Track 8 is again experimenting with a drum and dulcimer combo. Works well.  There are 4 more tracks as well. you can stream the whole record on bandcamp.. Enjoy...

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