Friday, April 9, 2021

Kombyant Robotron- -270° C (Tonzonen Records TON)

I have grown to really dig this instrumental band from the north of Germany. It is very hard to keep up with their releases though as they sneak out a tape in 50 copies and it is gone in 2hrs before you even hear about it. Pity they don’t press more when there is clearly a demand if it sells out so fast.  Anyway, they have 3 tapes, one double CD-R release and 3 vinyl Lps in just the last couple of years.  Side A has three tracks and the first one, Compton, comes krauting straight out the gate with a killer groove and some cool guitar and then it comes down and spaces out and fades. Then an abrupt entrance with some funky way work and off we go. A quite short one. The last track Spitzer, has a really cool riff with a strange guitar sound that is played over and over and then bam, the killer hypnotic groove takes over.  Side B is one long track called Hubble…. it is a very slow journey and very quiet to start as it slowly builds and builds with some very cool delay guitar and I love the way he shoots off sounds into the cosmos and the track keeps gliding. You might expect a massive heavy riff or explosion but it never comes.. They stay firmly out into space.. Cool album and great band..

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