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Addicted- No Name Label Russia Overview #2

I recently reviewed a large number of CD from this very eclectic Russian Label.  In August, I received another group of bands from Russia I had never heard of besides the excellent Disen Gage, all the others are totally new to me. Again, much of the text below is taken from the promo materials provided by the label. Thanks.

DEKONSTRUKTOR- Eating the Universe (Addicted 711 )

Dekonstruktor is a trio consisting of Garish (guitars, effects, bass, vocals), Memphisdead (bass, guitars, noises, vocals) and Mitya DHS (drums, vocals). The band was founded in Moscow, Russia in 2009 under the name The Moon Mistress. In April 2010 the band released a four-track demo - raw and stoned doom with traditional lyrics for the genre. The logo of the band was created by black crystal mind of Alex Held. To the band’s surprise in 2013 Golden Procession from Japan made an offer to release the record on cassettes and it was done the same year.

After CD split with Ukrainian Snakerider (2011), released on Pestis Insaniae owned by Mitya DHS, in the same cave the next year the Moon Mistress released the debut album Silent Voice Inside. With their first full-length release, the band has truly come of age with 63 minutes of captivating, atmospheric stoner/doom metal that goes way beyond what many listeners were expecting. The album received a good response and afterwards was re-released as double LP via Swedish label Demonized Records and on cassettes on Russian one called Nomos Dei. The next year, the EP Simla was released on CDr in a very limited edition for completely silent minds. In July 2013 the Moon Mistress played for the first time in Eastern and Western Europe during a 2 week tour.

Somewhere along 2013 hypnotic mechanical konstruktions arose from the depths and melodious riffs of the previous period stepped away. Accordingly together with new touches and outside experiences the band changed its name to Dekonstruktor in the beginning of 2014. Under the new name the hypnotic album Eating the Universe was out in 2014 - pure acid metal as Dekonstruktor names itself since then. Heavier than before with monotonous beats which take the addicts into the red void. This record has a long release’ history - cassettes by Freak Friendly DIY (allied Ukrainian label, 2014),CD by Voron NEST/Addicted Label(2017), and finally cassette re-release by French Visceral Circuitry (2018).

In 2015 Fuck Life We Go Further EP is out on tapes by Pestis Insaniae - a banner of black'n'white nihilism: spining heavy march in vein of Hellhammer and Amebix in the beginning combined with mechanical opium contemplation till the end. New visions of Dekonstruktor within life-death ritual. Addicted Label/Voron NEST made CD release of Fuck Life.. in 2017. That year was rather efficient: besides Fuck Life.. cassette split with Sdoba was self-released and in the end of the year Dekonstruktor presented 3 noisy beats on Kislie Mini CD: the compilation from Moscow-based underground metal/noise/ electronic circle. Raw, acid and freaky bands, which had created their own scene and sound surrounded by technological temples and other abandoned holes of the russian capital. Also in March 2015 Mitya DHS and Garish performed as Dekonstruktor in Bangalore, India. Need to say that intensive concerts are integral part of Dekonstruktor, so the band had played in many Russian and European cities.

2016-2017 were not such productive years for Dekonstruktor recordings as before. A split with Malad, released on tapes by Freak Friendly DIY was the only one. The band has been preparing their next full-length for 2 years and finally it was out in the beginning of 2018 by Pestis Insaniae (tapes) and Hymns of Apocalypse (CD).

I have not heard the other releases but Eating the Universe is one hell of a heavy noisy trip to the dark side. 6 track, 60mins with a mix of doom, noise, atomospheric passages, etc…  Deep and sludgy stuff with some psychedelic vocals ala Sons of Otis on the 2nd track!  Track 3 is a short fast one before it goes into track 4, a more stoner doom like track but features some really cool effected guitar at times. Great over 11min track.  Track 6 slows it down a bit but keeps it brutally heavy with some spaced out stuff happening in the background as well.  Cool album..

Detieti- Detieti в общих чертях CD (Addicted 702)

Detieti was formed in 2004 in Moscow by bassist Mikhail "Han" Ivanov and drummer Roman Karandaev. Ivan "Vanish" Khvorostukhin, who had already played in stoner-rock group Stone Cold Boys joined the band soon. Initially, in the early years Detieti was almost homemade project and didn’t show a lot of activity. The first demo was recorded in 2010 with new band's drummer Viktor Tikhonov (Kshettra band). Sometimes Roman still participates in concerts and recordings as a vocalist and showman. The music of the band is an avant-prog, that have foundation in mix of alternative rock, funk, psychedelia and punk rock. Mike Patton's projects, funk-metal, early Queen, improvisational music of different genres, comics, circus and 80's films can also be named as important sources of inspiration. 

Detieti transformed into a quartet with keyboardist Peter "Peyote-R" Bolotov in 2011. This line-up recorded two albums - "Ne eP" (2013) and "Detieti в общих чертях" (2015). Music of this period is characterized by uncontrollable polystylistics, citation and humor. The compositions are developing very chaotically, all of this is combined by the love of the band members to different musical universes only. Nevertheless, the music became a little less insane some songs on second album, more logic began to appear in the structure. 

Vanish quit the band in 2016, Alexander Kosarenko became the new guitar player. He brought in new colors to the band's sound. Detieti recorded the new album "Progressive Punk" in the summer and autumn of 2017. It will be released in May 2018. 

2010 - Детиети (EP, Zlurad)
2013 - Ne eP (Album, BNiL / Zlurad)
2015 - В общих чертях (Album, BNiL / Zlurad)
2018 - Progressive Punk (Album, BNiL / Zlurad)

Han — bass, vocals
Vanish — guitars, vocals
Viktor Tikhonov — drums, percussion, vocals, samples
Peyote-R — synths, samples

Detieti в общих чертях is the 2nd album by the band and like the other one I reviewed, Progressive Punk, this is also a diverse set of tracks and the band can go from reggae-ska to punk to prog all in one track. Sometimes the vocal is quite normal and other times crazy.  The band is sometimes maybe a bit too eclectic. I wonder who you remember songs that have so many changes in them. Takes a lot of rehearsing. You can hear the entire album below.


Disen Gage is a fantastic Russian band and I have a number of their releases but I had never heard this first one from 2004 before which was originally released on RAIG in 2004 but now newly released by Addicted in 2019 with 3 bonus live tracks. The current line of the band is:

2019 album line-up:
Konstantin Mochalov — guitar
Eugeny Kudryashov — drums
Nikolai Syrtsev — bass
Sergei Bagin — guitar & synth 

Current (Nature) line-up:
Konstantin Mochalov — guitar
Anton Efimov — guitar (since 2017)

“DISEN GAGE's debut offers a highly concentrated twist on instrumental rock - a musical journey that leads listeners through the entire range of emotions without even needing words. The songs that form the record rely heavily on the interplay of two guitars directed by upright bass and drums. This marriage produces surprisingly colorful musical passages that craftily intersect with occasional electronic. Judging from the nature of the guitar-work which is the main attraction, the musicians appear to own a lot both of mid 70s - early 80s prog-classics (especially King Crimson) and world-flavored fusion-rock (Irakere, Ketame). The whole thing carries the carnival, playful, sometimes ironic, yet complex sides of instrumental music. The occasional saxophone appearance makes it clear that the quartet is seeking out to expand in a more jazzier direction or at least make music that is diverse in sound and mood. While there aren`t exactly any conceptualism or epic, the record as a single piece of music works very well. The music only get better from this point on, and even the first listening shows that the potential and creativeness are here from the start. The album contains three live out-takes as bonus-tracks.

This is a great album. I loaned it to my friend Martin and he really liked it as well.

GROGGY- Distant Lands CD-EP (Addicted 107)

I love this EP. Really cool Tom Waits at times inspired stuff from this duo from Omsk. The bio describes them as acoustic, moog, folk rock, southern rock, blues.  The band features: Max Ryabikov — vocal, guitar, bass, moog minitaur and Vitalii Dorofeichik on drums.

The titles are in Russian on the CD so I have them listed below here.

1 Тридевятьземель 26:11
3 Times The 9 Lands
a) Дорога | The Road
b) Север | The North
c) Бездна | The Abyss
d) Сокол | The Falcon

The CD plays as one long 26min track and starts with the The Road. It has some spacey synths and sounds, followed by a spoken word in Russian and then slowly the guitar and drums enter and the mood is totally different. A laid back slow vocal accompanies the slow pace of the guitar and drums. Some additional sounds appear at times. I dig the vibe a lot.  The first track was 8 ½ mins long and now we start a new track with a simple repeated guitar line and spoken word.  After a minute it stops and a new guitar line and drums start with some synths as well.  I like his dark, deep voice even though I have no idea what he sings about!  Later the keyboard plays a much more important role as the guitar disappears for a while. Strange and intriguing changes.  Another track grows out of this one with a quite dark vibe and then a more happy vocal and guitar changes the mood totally.  Another spoken word section and more happy track to end the CD with an almost southern rock vibe.

You can hear the entire album below. Great stuff and quite unique.

JAHROOM- Cut Price Goods (Addicted 701)

Moscow noise-rock driving trio flow on neopsychedelia waves with improv scene guests from such bands as Brom (Anton, Konstantin), Topot Arkestra (Konstantin) & B as in Bullshit (Ivan)

Here is their story:  Alexander Nenashev (bass) and Timur Dzhanzakov (drums) found each other using the site in the end of 2010. Both were heavily influenced by Bad Brains. After few months of jams guitarist Rasel Rahman was found at the same website. 

“We improvised a lot and made a decision to stay instrumental trio“. After some rehearsals Jahroom started to structure the jams and recorded first EP "Nyx" in 2012. Band often played at local underground venues and improvisation always was an important part in their shows. Because of unique style they managed to play at festivals of various genres. 

After one of their shows in Saint-Petersburg in 2014 they recorded live an album "Cut-Price Goods". In some tracks were added parties of sax and trumpet. Album self-released in April, 2015. In 2016 addicted label BNiL released 2CD compilation “Cut​-​Price Goods + Nyx”.  In 2017 Jahroom presented EP "Snigeri" via dependent label BNiL.

2012 - Nyx (EP, Self-released)
2015 - Cut​-​Price Goods (Album, Self-released)
2016 - Cut​-​Price Goods + Nyx (2CD, addicted label)
2017 - Snegiri (EP, addicted label)

Anyway, Cut Priced Goods features 7 songs on CD1 and 3 on CD2. The band has several special guests on trumpet or saxophone on various tracks on CD 1 including Konstantin Sukhan on tracks 2 and 4, Ivan Shanin on track 6 and Anton Ponomarev on track 7. I had thought the music with be reggae or dub or something but they only enter into this realm a few times. The song titles are all cut 32, Cut 23 Cut 34, which I am guessing are the jam numbers.. Anyway cut 32 starts things off with a short intense track under 3mins.  Cut 23 is next and a totally different almost dreamy vibe to the guitar lines. The bass reminds me a bit of Papir, maybe even some of the music. This track features a bit of trumpet but goes completely mad and free jazz like after the laid back dreamy start. Wow…  that was unexpected. Cut 34 is next and a bit more like the first track, short, intense and well played. Track 4 , cut 07 features some saxophone and is the first to have a hint of reggae- dub thrown into the mix!! Cut 35 brings back back the more melodic side in this track that slowly builds up over time. Cut 02 features Ivan. It starts laid back with some nice guitar and bird sounds and then the bass and drums slowly enter. This track features a really nice guitar solo with quite some delay on it to compliment the sax which starts relaxed but then get more and more intense and then it sort of dies down to just just birds and sax but then the rest of the band slowly builds the pieces up over the next 5mins and they really go for it again at 10 mins. This track lasts 21 minutes! Cut 34 (same title as track 3) but with sax ends CD1.

CD2 only features about 15mins of music and starts with a quite intense bass driven track and a sort of post rock like guitar as it builds up.  Track 2 is one of my faves of the entire lot. I just dig the push and pull of the bass and drums and the way the guitar is mixed in and played. Great stuff.   Cut 27, the last track brings back the intensity! As a bonus the CD comes in a very nice full colour artwork with all the info about the band.

Soom — Ніч на полонині (Aka Night on the Meadow aka Nich na Polonyni)

Soom was founded in Kharkiv at the end of 2013 and has released quite a lot of music. I reviewed their 2018 album in the last overview. This is an older album from 2014. It features 10 tracks.

Soom was founded in Kharkiv at the end of 2013 and has released quite a lot of music. I reviewed their 2018 album in the last overview. This is an older album from 2014. It features 10 tracks.  The opening is a 6 min disturbing soundscape that sets the feeling for the record, then the heavy sludgey doom begins. At 4:40, a new vocal appears that is layered with the darker more evil one. Track 3 is really trippy with some effected vocals, and dark noise in the background that then leads into the next heavy experience. Track 5 is another spoken word with dark threads of dissonant sound before the clean guitar starts the next track. Wow.. the silence, only for a minute and then a very flangy effected track starts to crawl out of the gutter.  Later a really cool guitar solo is played. This is probably my favorite track as I really like the psychedelic vocals as well. One more intro track and the last final doom number. Slow and more classic.  Some great stuff by this band.

Follow the label at the links below:

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