Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Datura4- Blessed is the Boogie (Alive Records 0204-2)

The killer Australian hard rocking quartet are back with their 3rd full length record and it is another great set of tracks, starting off with the song, Black Dog Keep Running. This track has all the bands signature elements, a great riff, some killer guitar solos and a catchy groove! Blessed is the Boogie for sure has that Status Quo groove and features some harmonica as well. This one gets your head shaking! Looper is a bit slower with a heavier guitar riff, reminds me of a slower Atomic Bitchwax (they also have a track with this chorus- Shitkicker!). Run with Lucy (Check it out below) brings back the boogie and a bit of southern rock feel with the slide guitar and nice harmony guitar parts as well. Last track on side A, the band do a cover of an old song by Jessie Hill, which has been covered by a lot of folks including Wilson Picket, Ike and Tina, Paul Revere, etc.. This version stands out with a great organ solo by Bob Patient.  Sounds of Gold kicks in with the drums followed by the main riff and then the rest of the band joins the groove and off we go. One of the more catchy tracks and quite short. Evil People Pt. 2 does indeed have a darker vibe and is complimented by the organ and at 3 mins it gets down and funky with a great bass groove and nice bluesy solo. I wish they had extended this out a lot longer but sadly it fades out. Damn.. Not for Me is a sort of slower ballad like track with a more laid back vocal and a nice guitar solo. 

Cat on a Roof follows and is in a similar vein to the previous track and a lot like their more mellow tracks on other records. Nice wah guitar solo. The City of Lights closes out another set of excellent songs. I just really love this band. I really hope they get over to Europe to play one day. It is time!!

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