Sunday, March 31, 2019

Sonora Sunrise- The Route through the Canyon (Trail Records )

Sonora Sunrise is a new Russian band. This CD is a sort of a concept album with the lyrics telling a deep desert story. Comes in a lovely 8 panel digipack CD made in only 300 copies.  The female singer has an amazing voice but the album is mostly instrumental. Ancient Stones (Sundown) is a short 2min intro piece leading into 11min, Welcome to the Sandland. The track starts slowly with some nice melodic guitar lines and then the track builds up nicely, almost like and ØSC jam and the keyboards come in a bit more. Unexpected Trip has some really cool synthesizers and a bit more experimental vibe from the guitars as the drums and bass just keep the pace steady and uptempo. Beautful vibe and cool spacey wah guitar to compliment the gliding synths. Poison starts off with a long synths solo and some wild guitar soloing as well. Quite a psychedelic track and not as dangerous as the title. Ancient Stones (Uprise of Jupiter) brings back the female voice once again. Canyon starts with a simple guitar and some echoed sounds and then the voice, her voice, slowly flows into the track. Lovely track and cool guitar.  

Millions of Snakes has this nice penetratin guitar line while the other plays a more heavy riff. A bit like a slowed down Yuri Gargarin. Later it slows down with an acoustic guitar and is very spacey. Nice bass lines. Roadside Picnic is something totally different but another very nice song with great melodies and feelings. Nice lead guitar lines. Ancient Stones Planetary Standoff) ends this great album with a 2min outro. Excellent stuff…

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