Friday, March 8, 2019

DER BLUTHARSH- Wish I weren’t Here (WKN55)

Der Blutharsch and the Infinite Church of the Leading Hand from Austria are back with a new CD/LP. This is quite a productive and creative outfit and I have grown to quite like their take on life. It is not for everyone that is for sure.  This new one features 9 tracks and starts off with Evil. The music starts with a heavy guitar riff on this slow brooding repetitive track with the female vocalist, who does a mix of spoken word and singing. Wish I weren’t Here starts with some electronics and a very spacey vibe. Slowly the drums and bass and layers of other sounds grow, then the vocals begin. This would fit in well at a Goth club. End of the track is quite trippy (this is one of the longest tracks at nearly 7mins). All One has a nice guitar melody but the layers of sounds make it quite disturbing. The vocals are very dreamy and spacey as well but there is this underlying feeling of something not good happening. Make me see the Light is a more rocking track with a more uptempo but still a sort of nastiness to it. Just because I Can starts with some electronic bass and the drums are more prominent in the mix while the guitars very spacey. The vocal starts about 1min. A short track.  My Soul rests Low has a very deep bass on it and some psychedelic lead guitar at the beginning as the sounds is quite far out on this song. Trippy stuff and highly manipulated. Forgotten is an uptempo track to bring some more energy back to the dark, sometimes bleak world of the Leading Hand. This is quite a heavy, nasty track without too many vocals. He is Here the bass lines take the real lead in the sound mix. Bizzare end to this song. The last track, A Lord (check it out below) begins heavy like the record began with a more guitar oriented track. Now, we have gone full circle.

The band recommends listening to the album only when chemically imbalanced! This band has had some collaborations with White Hills and Dave W is listed on the CD, so maybe he also contributes?

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