Thursday, February 15, 2018

Vago Sagrado- Negans enim quod est Mortuus (Clostridium Records CR035)

This is a totally new band for me. This trio is from Chile. This is their 3rd album. The opening track Ciudad Fantasma is pretty cool stuff with good dynamics, some Spanish lyrics and at times reminds me of La Ira de Dios and other times the beauty of Ethiva. Alea Iacta Est has a sort of spoken word vocal (in English) and some more intense guitar on this long 8 min track. A bit spacey at times as well. Sinchronicity Highway starts with a nice melodic guitar and great bass line, again with some spoken words in English. It slow builds up and Alberto uses some cool effects on his guitar. Side B starts off with Valentina, a slow more droney and dreamy track with some cool bass and delays on the guitar. Now the vocals are back to Spanish.  Nice guitar solo, one of the few on the record. A Curious case of Rape features Santiago Gonzáles. This is a more uptempo rocker but with some cool spacey guitar, spoken words and one of the more psychedelic tracks. A nice short under 3min blast. Normandie is a quite fast track also with a very dreamy post rocky guitar until he kicks into the effects pedals and blasts your head to a new place. The way the vocal is mixed is quite cool. It doesn’t get any Better goes back to the spoken words in English. This is a more relaxed track to start after two intense ones. It builds up and gets quite heavy with some cool effected guitar but maintains the main melody. On your Knees is the last track and a excellent heavy rocker. Fucking cool record.

The vinyl comes in a couple of different colours, with a thick insert card, a small card with the album cover and downloads code as well. A very nice package.

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