Thursday, February 15, 2018

THE INFINITE TRIP- TRIPS VOLUME 1 (Clostridium Records CR UÄ-CoProd1)

The Infinite Trip is a UK based psychedelic group.  This CD (70 mins) features tracks taken from the bands last two records (All Aboard The Mothership and Brain Blossom). The duo (Peter and Jules) have made 8 records. All the trackson the album are between 7:40 and 9 mins long. Enigma Vibration starts things off with synths and drums and pretty dreamy state. The spoken word like vocal reminds me of Sky Saxon. Quite a dark vibe musically but a nice guitar solo at the end complimented by some spacey keyboards. Who is it, starts with a funky wah guitar and some nice drumming, just wish the thing really grooved. I still dig the song though. Children of Infinity starts with a guitar riff inspired by Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun. Some nice keyboard playing on this track. The Mothership is next and features some nice guitar playing and I loved the spacey more electronic stuff with lots of delays in the mid section. The Illustrated Man has a cool synth that sounds like the one on Welcome to the Machine to start things off but it is a quite dark song, very relaxed and spacey with a lot of vocals. Brain Blossom has a quite long guitar solo. I really miss a good bass line to groove with the drums on a lot of the tracks.  Tomorrows World is a great track and one of my faves with a very nice guitar solo. Quarters of the Moon meanders a bit and is more vocal and guitar oriented. The bass line is more clearly made present on this track as well. Freedom above all finished off your Infinite Trip…

I really enjoyed a lot of the music and tracks on this record but am not a big fan of the vocals, although he tells some really cool stories. The drums have a big open sound production that dominates the sound production at times but also works very well a lot of the times.  Overall, this is a great introduction to this very cool UK duo music project.

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