Thursday, February 15, 2018

SonicAtomic- Vibes Addiction (Psyka Records)

SonicAtomic hail from Italy. The band is all instrumental and feature a lot saxophone on many of their tracks.  Cranio starts things off with a drum and bass groove with some spoken words before the sax solo starts and then the guitar riff kicks. Pretty groovy stuff. They also mix in some noise  and right at the end the guitar briefly gets quite heavy. Sonicatomic starts with some synth sounds before the bass groove, phased out guitar lead the way. This track has some spoken word like vocals. The guitar cuts in bursts here and there. The bass line has a cool effect on it and reminds me of Another one bites the Dust by Queen, a bit. Interesting song. Kragle is a bit more spacey with some gliss guitar or something like it, then some sax,  bit of vocal as well. Wish the sax also had some effects on it sometimes. Ampere Generator is a very cool track with some strange effects, a sampled female voice and spoken word as well.  Cool bass on this track. Faith starts off side B, with a another bass and drum driven groove, some vocals with effects on them and some spacey stuff going on, just after the sax kicks in the guitar gets quite heavy but soon is gone. Titania has a distant sample before the instruments slowly start to dominate the sound and a killer bass line starts. This is a very spacey and short track. Negroski Megahertz starts with an oscillator and is another trippy track. I really like the sax on this one and it grows to be one of the most intense tracks. Quasar ends this quite special album and is one of the more high energy songs. The band has quite a unique sound and I could see how live they could take these tracks into really interesting places.

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