Sunday, September 17, 2017

Zone Six- Zone Six (Sulatron Records st1708)

It is the 20th anniversary of the band Zone Six. Dave is the sole member left from the original band, which were a trio (Hans- Peter,- Guitar, Claus- Drums, Dave- Bass). Most people are only familiar with the CD version of this record, which included vocals, while the original cassette tape version is super rare and instrumental. That is what is on this vinyl and CD release and heard for the first time.  Just two tracks 27 and 24mins in length. The first track is a slow builder with a very open sound production. Hans Peter plays some pretty cool guitar at times.  You will remember him from Liquid Visions. A very good interaction between the three guys. I really wish Dave would play more bass these days. He was a great bass player. The 2nd track starts off in a reggae dub mode but moves on and twists and turns freaks out but never to level that the band would achieve in later line ups.  It is cool to finally see this out on a vinyl. A unique snap shot in time..

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