Sunday, September 17, 2017

Quad- Quad (Sulatron st1704)

Quad was a Gary Ramon (Sundial) solo project from the early 90s. It is a pretty rare record now (I have the original!). This is a rerelease of that classic record and it is still amazing today. I had not heard it for some years and was still blown away but it. It is very inspired by the German masters of the early 70s including the song titles. It starts off with Tempel (15mins) a spaced out sitar experiment with drums, bass and a lot of delay. Super cool stuff. Projection is the 2nd track ( you can hear both below) and starts with a like 40s horror film organ improve before the drums, sitar with lots of delay and bass kick in. This one also has a very spacey and psychedelic sound but the organ plays a very important role and the sitar (and guitar) a more secondary one. Spaced out sound. Revisitation Mantra is 21min track and takes the entire 2nd side.  One long trip to blow your mind. A classic record. So cool it is out on vinyl again and also in a double CD format with the 2nd Quad record due next year.

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