Saturday, September 30, 2017

Vokokesh- Bon Voyage, Mr. Tripp (Pure Pop for Now People FOR12)

This is a limited edition CD-R made in 60 copies. It features 3 studio tracks and 3 live tracks (2015).  Huxley’s Deathbed starts things off with some chaotic noise and then the guitar takes the lead and spaces out. There is some really crazy effects on the guitar and sometimes makes you wonder if something is wrong with the CD-R!!!!  Later it slows almost to a stop a few times and there is like a TV program or something going on in the background and they noodle about. We are now over 10mins into the strange trip.  The title track is a slow and spacey one with some cool delay guitar. Later Richard really plays a cool guitar solo. This track also goes well over 10mins. The last studio track is Take the slow Train, which has sort of strummed, noisy guitar to start and then the bass and drums kick in. Richard really kicks ass on this one and I love the bass line that drives the groove. The live tracks have a similar sound production and are more or less the same, that being, instrumental mainly guitar workout, freakouts with a solid rhythm section. Joe got his Gun is an instrumental version of Hej Joe! If  you are a fan of Richard Franecki’s guitar playing then you will really love this one.

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