Saturday, September 30, 2017

Sherpa- Tanzlinde (Sulatron Records ST1607-2)

Sherpa is a new Italian band. The band plays a very calm but cool sort of music with a bit of eastern inspiration.  The CD or LP features 10 tracks. The label neo-psych has been attached to them but not sure how accurate that is. The CD starts off with the track Dune. It has a beautiful and melodic guitar line and features Fabiana on vocals. He has a cool voice. Musically it starts to build up with some nice layers but the melodic thread drives the track. Dreamy at times. Robert W (presumably, Wyatt) is next. Lilla provides the vocal on this track. Slow, mellow, open sound with some nice use of chimes. Dubinuska features vocalists Aya and Ila and is a dreamy piece also, especially the way one of the voices is mixed. The bass, drums and guitar build this one up in a cool way. Reminds me of Ole Lukkoye a bit. The title track is next and features Fabiano again in this eastern inspired track.  One of my faves on the record.  Sherpa starts with a cool guitar line that is repeated over and over as the vocals and drums start to enter the scene. This track is a little psychedelic with the way the vocals are mixed and one of the more rocky songs. Magnetic White Tree is more mellow and dreamy but slowly builds up. Nice keyboards on this track. Loto starts with some slowly faded up effected guitar and drony dreamy keyboards. The vocal is very lightly sung in an airy way. Later the female vocal is sung like the Middle Eastern singers from Lebanon or Israel.  Big Foot has a start and stop rhythm to start and you really expect the band will rock this one out and a killer jam will start but it does not happen. It ends with a sample in Italian. Cool vibe though. Of Coke and Steel has a bit more drive to it before the dream vocal starts again. Ti builds up quite nicely but sounds a lot like some of the other songs with repeated guitar lines. Plot is the final track and starts with the keyboards, hand cymbals, spacey vocals and a bit of mountain glow.

I have really grown to dig this CD after 5 or so listens despite it not having any guitar or synth solos and quite short songs. My wife really likes this album a lot. Nice album to hear at home. Unless the band had amazing visuals, I think I would get pretty bored live with no solos and this mellow spacey vibe all the time. The band has a bit post rock styling without the huge dynamics (peaks and valleys).

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