Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sonashish- Sitar Recital by K.G. Westman (Bihaan Music)

Most of you probably know KG from his work with Siena Root and Øresund Space Collective but this is what KG does most of the time, that is, play classical northern Indian music. This is his first solo CD called Sonashish. It was recorded in India on April 9th and 11, 2017. The CD features two fantastic raga which also feature tabla player, Shri Jyan Swarup Mukherjee.  The first piece is called Raag Shonashish conceived by KG’s grand master, Pandit Rabindra Narayan Goswami. It starts off quite slow and meditative but then the tabla kicks in and the energy level slowly rises until it is quite intense. The ending, wow.. Transports you to another place.  Raag Multani. This raag is meant to be heard in the late afternoon or at sunset and is a pretty fast piece with intense playing from both players.

Both these pieces are presented in Alaap, gat in rupak tall and drut teentaal. This is information for classical students about the different passages the music will travel through (speed, etc..)..   Excellent album. I just wish it was longer. Check out a short piece from last summer below.. 

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