Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Knall- Alien Funk (Tonzonen Records TON013)

German Krautrock band, Knall are back with a new live CD/LP from the Monsters of Krautrock Festival that was held in Würzberg, Germany in 2015. Interesting line up with two basses but one makes a lot of sound effects. The CD/LP is a bit over 70mins in length and has really good sound quality. This is a hard one to go through song (jam) by song as it is mostly just one long trip with a lot of really cool elements. IT starts with a prologue intro jam of sorts with a great guitar solo and some crazy sound effects that fades out.  Alienfunk starts with a nice groove and very much like CAN and it continues on for 7mins before it starts to change a bit and slow down and move into a new direction with a cool new bass line for about 3 more mins. Great driving music. Gravity is next and starts with some distorted guitar string bending and this one stays slow and freaky in nature throughout the first 10min and then a new direction starts as it picks up pace. Quittengelee starts slowly with some nice delay guitar parts and then turns into a really cool funk jam. Staring at Lines (Maybe referring to the artwork??) is a slow piece that fades out after 9mins. Eightballs is the last track before the Epilogue. Great album….

If you are fans of Knall, krautrock, you will for sure dig this one…. Great sound and grooves and spaced out… The video below is from when they played the same venue in 2014..

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