Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Celestial Transmission- Kontrapunkt, Malmö, Sweden 3/28-29/2015

Auh Soj
This was a crazy night at the underground club Kontrapunkt in Malmo. I had never been there and it was a merging of two diverent music scenes with one room with Psy-trance DJs (Ursa, Matt with an S, Nos and Balistica) and space rock in the other room (Mantric Muse, Øresund Space Collective and Auh-Soj). The doors opened at 21 and Auh Soj (Joshua) played some different ambient electronic stuff then about 22 he put on a guitar and his friend, a very nice handicapped guy worked the laptop. He just sat on the floor and noodled away on his guitar under the beats. He was mixed quite low but you could hear him. He played his electric guitar very much like an acoustic guitar. He had a sitar at the soundcheck but he did not play it. There were no people here yet so he performed for 5-10 people. 
Mantric Muse
          Mantric Muse were to start at 23:30 but there was not a whole lot of people, maybe 40 but there was a steady stream. They started a bit later and played an amazing concert for 2hrs. Wow.. This must be one of the best space rock bands and if you can’t see Ozric Tentacles, you should see these guys. Seeing Mantric Muse live though is about as often as the eclipse! This was the first show since the Nov 2013 tour with ØSC in Germany, except for a private party. The band played 3 of the 4 new songs that they will record for the new record as well as all the tracks from their CD.  There was some extended parts in a few of the songs but they were pretty programmed as they have to follow the computer precisely for all the pre-recorded stuff that Magnus can’t play live due to having to play guitar as well. Ola just gets better and better with the band as well on the lead synthesizer.  Amazing concert..

Set List: DMU, Cinope, Armh+ Jam, Nanoid, DSC, Azur, Gnoxience, Sinbad søførenen, Wobbegong Wookie, Dr. Tits Kitel, SFunx.

          It was about about 3 in the morning when ØSC finally hit the stage. The first gig ever with drummer, Dag (ex-Agusa). Everyone was very tired but there was still quite a lot of people in the building (most in the techno room) but perhaps 60 people filled the front of the stage for the show to start and it got fewer and fewer as it got later and later… We played a pretty high energy show considering.. I think we would have all fallen asleep if we did not keep the energy high. The jams were quite short but people were into it and we all had a good time. It was not our best show. You can hear it below and decide for yourself!

          I only popped in and out of the techno room a few times and there was always a lot of people but it all sounded the same to me…. It is a different world. One of the DJs played only vinyl records which I thought was cool…  Fun night and a very cool club.. 

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