Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Carlton Melton/Kandodo3 Split LP (Creepy Crawl 001)

This is the first new material from Carlton Melton in quite some time and the first release on this new label, Creepy Crawl. Kandodo 3 is a sort of Heads off shot band, which I have never heard before. The CM side has three tracks and the Kandodo side one long space out. CM starts off with a track called Footprints (which you will also be able to hear on the CM meets Dr Space release due out in May on Space Rock Productions, along with the following track, Flags). A steady spacey track with Andy on drums and John mcBain on guitar and E-bow. It is all about the layers as the riff is pretty simple and repetitive. One thing you will notice is a much cleaner, less low fi production that you hear on most CM releases. Flags is next features Brian on drums and Rich and Andy on guitars. The title for this one is perfect, the mood of the guitar and vibe is great as it is some sort of anthem but a slow stoned one. Chinoteague finishes the side and features just Rich and Andy. A melodic uptempo rocker. Nice guitar playing. Flip the record over and enter into an entirely different world with Kandodo3 and a track called High on Planes, Drifter. Wayne- drums, keys, Simon- guitar, and Hugo-bass. This track starts off as a spacey guitar drone with minimal drums and bass until around the 9min point. Amazing spacey guitar and the build up really has tension that lasts for a long time as you wait for the explosion… Will it explode, maybe? You have to find out for yourself.. Cool record.

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