Saturday, August 16, 2014

Simones- Majic Ship 7” (Fruits der Mer Records Crustacean 50)

Al Simones is a US based underground musician who records all his own music like Nick Saloman used to do in the old days and is pretty secretive. Anyway, Keith at the label finally got Al to provide two original tracks for a cool 7” record for the label and that is what you have here. Majic Ship, rings in at nearly 6 mins and has this low fi home recording sound and vocal but there is something very special about his raw sound. The psychedelic guitar solo that jumps out at you around 1½ mins really caught me by surprise but it fades away quickly into the acoustic section and then back to the main song theme again. Seize the Moment is about 5mins and features both acoustic and electric guitar in a very nice mix to start the track before the bass and drums kicks in. Again, a very distinct psychedelic guitar pops in and out at different times during the song. The mid section is quite heavy with some cool guitar. This is a great 7” if you are a fan of early Bevis Frond stuff.

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